Ghida Ibrahim Endowment Fund for Social Entrepreneurship 

Created by those who have been moved by her grit and kindness over the years. 

The Story

Ghida left home, a small village near Beirut in her late teens to pursue an ambitious dream in Paris. This was propelled because of her deep love for math and computer science which was rewarded in the form of prestigious scholarships. It was these scholarships and the kindness and generosity of people that empowered her to take the leap of faith. The destination was unclear, the journey seemed challenging so she decided to take each day with a sense of adventure and possibility. France turned out to be a charming learning experience, sprinkled with loads of curve balls coming her way. These curve balls and setbacks turned out to be blessings in disguise as they channelled her grit and compounded it over a period of time. Several countries and continents later she found herself at the crossroads of settling for what she could get versus challenging her grit to achieve more. Not for herself, but for others. 


A few more countries and a few more continents later, she is now a data scientist at a large tech company in London. The title and the job are great, but the real power lies in how she transformed adversity in inspiration with micro acts of kindness and an unshakeable resolve to become grittier every day. 


This endowment fund is meant to reward those who combine grit with empathy and kindness. It will start with a base amount of $10,000. Others are welcome to chime in. 

About Grit Capital

We are endowment fund starting with an initial corpus of $10,000 to support social entrepreneurship amongst students in schools and colleges globally. We fund as well as mentor students we work with.

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We are agnostic to backgrounds, we want both poets and quants to apply. 


Grit is our core value. We love to support students who have overcome structural challenges and empowered their communities. 


We are agnostic to backgrounds, but we love application of technology to solve complex social problems. 

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We are starting with a $10,000 corpus, but the more we raise the more ventures we would be able to support. Our mission is to raise $1,000,000 in the coming months. Help us get there.